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All of our products are proudly made in Canada and all of suppliers are family run businesses. Our products and services are built, fabricated, assembled and formulated in Canada

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According to the CDC, Sanitising refers to lowering the number of germs on a surface to a safe level. This process works mostly through cleaning (which physically removes germs from surfaces)

According to the CDC, disinfecting refers to killing nearly 100 percent of germs on surfaces or objects

Disinfecting doesn't necessarily clean dirty surfaces, but it does kill germs, helping to lower the risk of infection

Sanitising is generally a little more gentle than disinfecting


In order to be considered as a sanitizer, product must reduce bacteria on a surface by at least 99.9 percent, according to the EPA

A simple water and bleach solution can be a sanitizer, depending on the concentration of bleach in the solution. Solutions with higher concentrations of bleach will be a disinfectant, while lower concentrations are more likely to be a sanitizer

Unlike sanitizing, disinfecting won't be a super common part of cleaning routine. It's really meant for serious messes like those involving bodily fluids

According to EPA standards, a disinfectant must kill 99.999 percent of germs, compared to 99.9 percent for sanitizers. While this difference might seem minimal, it can make a huge difference in reducing the spread of infection


Chlorine Dioxide based product, been in use by municipalities to disinfect water, means proven to be safe to use, drink, touch and handle

Not a poison like other disinfectants in the market. Biocleanz do not kill by poisoning but it removes protective layer of microorganisms

Certified by Health Canada (DIN 02426005) as broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant

It is proven to kill 99.9999% of germs as a germicide, bactericide and the Ideal Biocide

This ready to use product is highly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms, for e.g Bacteria (including Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria) and Viruses

In addition to being totally safe, non poisonous and broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant, our product is a very strong odor eliminator.

BioCleanz eliminates odours associated with smoke, cooking, urine, sweat, organic decay, pets and more! It Neutralizes and eliminates toxic gases and fumes


hospitals, long-term care facilities, out-patient clinics, surgery centers, rehab facilities, pharmacies, laboratories, ambulances, homes, schools, daycares, gyms, locker rooms, salons, restaurants, boats, ships, airplanes, trains, buses, automobiles, industrial processing plants, pet grooming and boarding, boarding, animal pens, kitchens, bathrooms, stack emissions, sewers and waste water